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Lawrence J. Mullen

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This study is a qualitative content-analysis of prescribed storylines used in ABC's Monday Night Football. The sample is of five broadcasts that were recorded during the 2002 National Football League seaSon The analysis of the programs is twofold: (1) to identify the storylines set forth during the pregame show; and (2) to document each time a storyline is referred to during the game, and how it is transmitted to the audience. The storylines were documented through several elements: the time in the game (by quarter) in which an actor was referred to, the actor it was featuring, a descriptive account of the narration, and characteristics of the close-up shot that supported the narration (i.e. type of close-up shot, angle of the shot, and duration of the shot). Subsequently, a final analysis was conducted to observe what storylines were maintained, and why, and what storylines were abandoned, and why. Overall, this study found certain preferences and characteristics for particular storylines.


Analysis; Content; Drama; Football; Monday; Night; Prescribed Selling; Storylines

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