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Master of Engineering (ME)


Mechanical Engineering

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Robert F. Boehm

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A computational model utilizing the finite difference method was developed to simulate the behavior of a simple storage system. The system analyzed utilizes the deposition of heat from a fluid to a solid matrix in the initial part of cycle followed by heat removal in the latter part. The storage system was divided into perpendicular slices with respect to the direction of the heat transfer fluid (HTF) flow. The symmetry of the design was then used to further reduce the area of the slice on which the calculations were performed. Two dimensional conduction and convection calculations were performed within the plane generated by each slice. Interaction between the slices was limited to only the HTF flowrate. It was assumed that the system would experience no losses to the ambient and the HTF contained in each slice would be fully mixed. First and Second Law analysis were incorporated as a means of evaluating different configurations of the storage system design.


Analysis; Behavior; Computational; Differences; Finite; Law; Media; Modeling; Second; Solid; Storage; Thermal; Transient; Utilizing

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Mechanical engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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