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Metamorphic fabric measurements indicate only one deformational fabric (NNE) is present in the Ivanpah Mountains, indicating that the area experienced one orogenic event during the Early Proterozoic. Peak P-T conditions, using garnet-Al2SiO5-silica-plagioclase barometry and garnet-biotite thermometry, were ∼4.0kb and >700°C, respectively. Peak metamorphic-T's were recorded by the largest garnet studied; Electron Microprobe Analysis on monazite, using U-Th-Pb radioactive decay, suggest metamorphism occurred between 1752 +/- 86 Ma and 1689 +/- 34 Ma, similar to the age of the Yavapai terrane (∼1.70--1.69 Ma). These ages are constrained from six monazite grains included in three large garnets (2250--5000um). Matrix monazite from granitic rocks indicate magmatism may have occurred between 1559 +/- 31 Ma and 1416 +/- 28 Ma. Large garnets effectively shield monazite from Pb-loss when temperature is exceeded above what is considered its closure-T for radiogenic-Pb (∼700°C), thus petrographic location is also a function of closure-T of radiogenic-Pb in monazite.


Al2SIO5; Aluminum; Barometry; Biotite; California; Desert; Early; Eastern; Emp; Garnet; Geochronology; Ivanpah; Mojave; Monazite; Mountains; Plagioclase; Proterozoic Silica; Silicate; Thermometry

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