Development of a systems engineering model for chemical separation process

Lijian Sun, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


This thesis is concerned with the efforts to develop a general-purpose systems engineering model software TRPSEMPro1 that can be used to improve productivity in the design process. Different features of TRPSEMPro will be presented in this thesis. First, Systems Engineering technology is presented, followed by the exposition of different numerical optimization technologies and DOE (Design of Experiments) study technologies. Second, the detailed Software process, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) for the TRPSEMPro is presented. All the design data models are expressed by using Unified Modeling Language (UML); AMUSESimulator is another software package which has been designed and implemented in order to serve as a bridge between AMUSE Macro, developed by ANL, and systems engineering model, TRPSEMPro. The design process for AMUSESimulator is elaborated in this thesis; The topics in this thesis also include SQL Server Database, XML, DOE techniques and optimization techniques. Several study cases which apply the developed systems engineering model to solve typical design problems are demonstrated; 1TRPSEMPro---Transmutation Research Program System Engineering Model Project.