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Human breast cancer cell lines DC4, DB46, MCF-7, MDA-MD-435 were incubated with cytochrome c at 5 x 10-7M, 5 x 10 -6M and 5 x 10-5M. Human colon cancer cell line, RKO, and normal human lung fibroblast cell line, HFL1, were incubated with cytochrome c at 5.6 x 10-8M, 5.6 x 10-7M and 5.6 x 10-6M. Cytochrome c exposure showed a dose response including cell death in breast cancer cell lines. RKO showed no sensitivity to cytochrome c exposure at any of the concentrations and HFL1 showed sensitivity only at the highest concentration. FAD, NADH, Q10 and ATP were incubated with cells at 1 x 10 -9M, 1 x 10-8M and 1 x 10 -7M. Incubation of FAD with DC4 and DB46 was also done at 5 x 10-7M, 5 x 10-6M and 5 x 10-5M. FAD, ATP and NADH were more effective in cell death induction at much lower concentrations than cytochrome c. Q 10 was least effective in cell death induction.


Breast; Cancer; Carriers; Cell; Cytotoxic; Effects; Electron Inhibited; Lines

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Biochemistry; Oncology

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