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Master of Arts (MA)


Ethics and Policy Studies

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Craig Walton

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Perhaps because of a lack of knowledge about American history and tradition, American youth are disconnected from society and feel little moral obligation or responsibility to others. While American public schools traditionally taught values and ethics, most no longer do so in any consistent or systematic fashion; This thesis will defend a synthesis of the thinking of certain influential moral philosophers and learning theorists on the nature of moral character and its development. Since its recommendations are for improving character education in public secondary school literature classes in the Clark County School District, Las Vegas, Nevada, the thesis will also include legal documentation from Nevada School Law and relevant U.S. Supreme Court decisions which indicate the permissibility of teaching for character development in the public school setting. This thesis will also offer a rationale and constructive suggestions for teaching for character development especially through literature.


Character; Classes; Development; Education; Literature; Moral; Moral Development; Schools; Secondary

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Philosophy; Education, Secondary; Language arts

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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