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The seeds of Roaring Orchards were planted during a spring drive to Williams College. In one of the outdoor malls spread along the roads that lead east from the northbound curl of the Taconic Parkway, there is on Sundays a small farmers' market. I stopped to get a carton of blueberries from the produce tent, and wandered to a table stacked with used books for sale. Most were illustrated biographies of baseball players and how-to books, but there were also a few dusty yellow paperbacks. I bought The Palm at the End of the Mind, Nostromo, and The Portable Chekov. It wasn't until I got back to my car that, flipping through the pages of Chekov, I found teeth marks on the margins of the pages. I enjoyed for a moment imagining that these weren't the work of a child but the result of a more visceral frustration with Chekov's understated depiction of grief. That those teeth marks betokened an exasperation, a silent scream that inscribed what Chekov so often left unsaid. Roaring Orchards grew out of an attempt to articulate that impulse.


Novel; Orchards; Original writing; Roaring

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