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Master of Engineering (ME)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Shashi S. Nambisan

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An evaluation of the effectiveness of pedestrian countdown signals is presented in this thesis. This is based on an evaluation of the behavior of pedestrians and motorists at selected intersections in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. A series of surveys and pedestrian interviews were used to evaluate the behavior of pedestrians and motorists. Statistical analyses of the data indicated that the countdown signals are able to provide pedestrians valuable information that enhances the safety of the crossing maneuver. The study also indicates that the presence of a countdown timer helps the pedestrians to better understand the meaning of the "Flashing Don't Walk" sign. The study indicates that the countdown timers have helped reducing the number of pedestrians trapped in the middle of the street. The pedestrian interviews revealed that most of the pedestrians correctly interpreted the meaning of the "Flashing Don't Walk" sign and the "countdown clock". Analysis of data pertaining to motorist behavior was inconclusive. No conclusion can be made on the affect of countdown timers on the motorist behavior.


Area; Countdown; Evaluation Metropolitan; Pedestrian; Signal; Vegas; Las Vegas

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Civil engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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