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Master of Science (MS)


Leisure Studies

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James Busser

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Three research questions concerning race and the coaching staff were addressed. The first question was to determine the ratio between the race of coaches (White, Black, or Latino) and the race of the players (White, Black, or Latino). The second question was to determine if a disproportionate amount of minorities would be found at any of the three coaching positions (Manager, Hitting Coach, and Pitching Coach). The final question was to determine the coaches defensive position during their playing career, whether it was a central or peripheral position, and their current coaching position (Manager or Hitting Coach) All pitching coaches were assumed to have been a pitcher during their playing career and hence a central position player; After analysis of the data, a significant relationship between the ratio of minority coaches and minority players was found. Also, the defensive positions of coaches during their playing careers were found to be significant with their current coaching position. Finally, black coaches were found to be significant based upon their coaching position. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Baseball; Coaches; Empirical; Examination; League; Minor; Minority; Presence

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Ethnology--Study and teaching; Blacks--Study and teaching

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