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Brent Mangus

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects that different dosages of low level laser therapy have on human skin cell migration. Normal newborn foreskin fibroblasts were seeded into a four well chamber microscope slide. Cellular monolayers were inflicted with three standardized wounds per well. Following the wounding of cells, each well received low level laser therapy once from a 635 nm laser at one of four treatment dosages (0.0 J/cm 2, 1.0 J/cm2, 1.5 J/cm2, 2.0 J/cm 2) with a power output of 11.5 mW. Digital images were recorded immediately following wounding, and every hour thereafter for seven hours. A cutting and weighing technique provided values for a percentage of wounded area present in each image. A mixed model ANOVA indicated that there was no significant difference in migration rates for cells treated with different dosages. Using LLLT with the tested parameters is no different than doing nothing at all.


Cells; Effects; Human; Laser; Level; Low; Migration; Skin; Standardized; Therapy; Wound

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Kinesiology; Physical therapy

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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