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Hotel Administration

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Andrew Hale Feinstein

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Employee turnovers costs for multi-unit restaurant companies amount to millions of dollars each year. A large amount is spent on training new employees, so that the service and product standards can be maintained throughout the outlets. However, very little attention is being paid to the Internet as an efficient and cost effective medium for training employees; The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between multi-unit restaurant companies and their current and perceived future Internet usage for employee training. Multi-unit restaurant companies with different annual revenues were categorized and examined for the extent of Internet usage in training; Three research questions were formulated to address this issue. The first question asked if the multi-unit restaurant companies are utilizing the Internet for training their employees. The second research question examined whether there exists a significant relationship between companies in a particular annual revenue category and their current Internet usage for training employees. The final research question focused on the.


Employees; Internet; Medium; Multi; Restaurants; Training; Unit; Utilization

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Management; Recreation; Vocational education; Educational technology

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