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Website service quality is widely accepted as one of the key determinants of online business success. Several studies identified key factors that determine the website service quality factors appropriate for online business environments (Kaynama & Black, 2000; Van Riel, Liljander, & Jurriens, 2001). A convention and visitors bureau (CVB) website is a service portal that delivers information online about a destination so users can develop an overall image of the location; CVBs struggle to deliver positive destination images because the competition among destinations to host conventions is intense. In spite of the important role of CVBs and the beneficial spillover effect of CVBs, there are few studies available reporting on the unique service qualities of a CVB website; The primary purpose of this study was to examine the determining factors that are appropriate for CVB websites from the meeting planners' perspective. The research questions are: What are the determining factors of service quality of a CVB website? Do the determining factors of CBV website service quality positively influence meeting planners' satisfaction? The new conceptual framework was developed from a variety of destination marketing and Internet marketing concepts: e-servicescape management, web community network, Internet service encounter management, and online system quality; Empirical results indicate that three of the four factors, that is, e-servicescape, web community network, and online system quality are important determinants in evaluating CVB website service quality. The findings also show that three determinants have significant and positive influence on meeting planners' satisfaction. The findings from this study will provide meaningful advice for CVB website quality management. To enhance the CVB website service quality and satisfaction level of meeting planners, these three determinants should be considered of the utmost strategic importance and priority.


Analysis; Bureau; Convention; Determinants; Factors; Meeting; Perspectives; Planners; Quality; Services; Visitors; Website

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Marketing; Management; Mass media

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