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To the reader---; How I live is a giant writing thing, even when I'm not writing. There is always breath, both shallow and deep, and somewhere, wet jackets, sides of the same world. It is about the blob, mostly because all of this has been written and said but for the ghost that follows me around. What matters most finds us when we are open, the way a flower opens up for the Sun I write because I don't have a choice, the way Alice had to go through Wonderland before she could get out. What is left, having left Wonderland? But, wonder of course. Here is absolute necessity because 'Writing, I feel, is an art, and artists, I feel, are human beings' (e.e. Cummings). The blob, you see. Simultaneously, a giant sphere, all parts working at once. Nothing is fully separate. Don't believe me? Neither do the bugs. Life is very serious, and strange, and funny. Go ask Alice. Because guess what, the bugs don't believe her either; Let my truth be your truth, and then change it somewhere in the process, wherever you see fit. Things lie deeply wedged in the world, and none of me knows quite what the world is, just that it is. Just as you must be true, I have given myself to the world that wants me (as there are more than one when you take into account the wetness of imagination), because if I don't, then what's this life anyway? What's this world? Peter Gabriel says, 'If you don't get given you learn to take, and I will take you.' You ought to say this, Too 'Tis better to be given over to something than to force myself into a mold because I want to fit somewhere amongst the made constructions that hold life together. I am only what I am in this poetry. It is about many things, this book.*; (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Alice; Day; End; Fine; Modern; Novel; Original writing; Transit

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American literature; Literature, Modern

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