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This paper examines the effect of poker room volume on slot revenue. Using data from a destination market casino on The Las Vegas Strip, slot coin-in and poker room rake are compared over a 212 day period. With rake as the independent variable and coin in as the dependent variable, a causal model is established that demonstrates a statistically significant connection between the two. Somewhat surprisingly, poker room volume does serve as a legitimate driver of slot revenue. This study advances the literature by establishing this relationship and determining that poker room volume has an indirect income effect on at least one other component of casino operations. However, given the marginal economic benefit when poker-room expenses are considered, managers may still be well-advised to consider other gaming alternatives to maximize the cash flows from valuable casino floor space.


Contribution; Drivers; Estimating; Gaming; Indirect; Peripheral; Poker; Revenue; Room; Rooms; Slot; Volume

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Management; Marketing

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