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A form of modern day slavery is going on in this country that indentures and oppresses many young children, women, and men, forcing them into prostitution or domestic servitude. This modern slavery is called human trafficking and new efforts are beginning to address this social problem in the United States. For example, the US is attempting to increase its prosecution of the traffickers or pimps. The United States has a policy in place that allows the victims of trafficking to stay in the United States as a witness until their traffickers are prosecuted. Once the trial is over, however, the victims are then forced to leave and return to their home country (Congress 2000); The scientific community has no idea if the general public has recognized human trafficking is even a problem or is aware of the extent of the problem due to a dearth of research. It is important to gauge the general public's understanding of the problem of trafficking because if the general public assumes the problem is quite small or only happens in other countries, then it is possible that politicians have the same assumptions. Any legislation based on misinformation may by problematic and not assist the victims it intends to; This study focused on perceptions of human trafficking among students currently living in a State with one of the largest trafficking problems in the United States (Farley, 2006). Participants were polled as to their perceptions of victims of trafficKing Their attitudes were considered in light of the assumptions expressed in the Trafficking of Victims Protection Act of 2000 and its two amendments.


Attitudes; Human; Nevada; Trafficking

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Criminology; Women's studies

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