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Mechanical Engineering

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The systems in which water or steam carries heat to the areas to be heated are Hydronic heating systems. Hydronic systems are closed loop where water is heated in a boiler and circulated through pipes to a heat transfer component such as a radiator or finned-tube baseboard unit. The systems can be used to effectively control the air temperature and the mean radiant temperature of an enclosure; Two numerical model of a room one without a window and the other with a window using a flat panel baseboard heating systems were simulated using StarCd. The effects of temperature on the density, viscosity and thermal conductivity were considered and suitable user subroutines were programmed. The numerical model was simulated for different conditions of inlet water temperatures; The power outputs for different temperature conditions were calculated and a relation between Ra and Nu has been developed for the flow field. A parametric study was conducted for both the models for a wide range of temperatures to get a reasonable understanding of the system under various temperature conditions. Draft rate was calculated for both the models to check for thermal comfort; The calculated draft rate is much below the maximum value specified by ASHRAE of 20%.


Environment; Heated; Heating; Hydronic; Numerical; Prediction; Room; System; Thermal

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Mechanical engineering

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