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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Jan (Matt) Pedersen

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Active objects are a form of multitasking for computer systems. Active objects manipulate their own execution thread instead of using the execution thread of the object that created them. When a method is invoked on an active object, the call returns immediately and the caller continues execution. Thus, active objects can be utilized to develop parallel applications; Active object model can be implemented in a number of different ways: with patterns, external libraries or extending the language. The solution proposed by this thesis is to implement active objects by extending the Java language with new keywords. We have modified Sun's open-source Java Compiler to accept the added keywords and to translate them into regular Java syntax; An 'active' modifier was introduced to mark active objects; active objects can be created on remote machines and communication with them is done using RMI; active object's methods can be executed asynchronously and the results obtained later using a new 'waitfor' statement.


Active; Implementation; Java; Objects

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Computer science

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