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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences

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Mack D. Rubley

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This study investigated the effects of a 45-minute cryotherapy application post-exercise repeated daily for 3-days on the recovery of the quadriceps after inducing DOMS. Results showed eccentric mean PT was greater at baseline than 24-hours after eccentric exercise. Knee AROM, joint line, 5cm, and 10cm girth measurements resulted in no differences. However, 15cm and 20cm sites revealed baseline values being lower than 48-hours; Tenderness at VMO post-treatment resulted in a difference with the initial application being lower than 24-hours. The 15cm site pre-exercise and post-treatment resulted in differences where baseline was lower than 24 and 48-hours. Post-exercise revealed the treated limb was lower than the untreated at 48-hours. The 20cm site at all time points resulted in baseline value being less than 24 and 48-hours. In conclusion, there were no differences between treated and untreated limbs with once daily 45-minute application of cryotherapy in reducing signs and symptoms of DOMS.


Cryotherapy; Eccentric; Effects; Exercise; Intense; Peak; Recovery; Torque

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Physical therapy; Kinesiology

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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