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Kritou Marottou Ais Yiorkis represents the Middle Cypro-Pre-Pottery Neolithic B, a formative period in the prehistory of Cyprus. Many other aspects of the site lend to its significance, including the sites inland, upland location, presence of cattle, anomalous architecture, interesting botanical assemblage, and consistent yet distinctive chipped stone assemblage. The chipped stone from Ais Yiorkis was employed to examine economic choices and site use patterns. An overall characterization describes the assemblage, providing baseline data. Research questions investigate artifact variation, intra-site distribution, and inter-site compariSon The results have proven the assemblage to be contemporary, revealed a low degree of variation, very regular intra-site distribution, and the systematic use of a distinctive, possibly site specific technology. The significance of the chipped stone economy specifically and the site more broadly do not stand alone, but in fact document a period in the prehistory of Cyprus that has until now been largely undefined.


Ais; Characterizing; Chipped; Cypro; Cyprus; Investigation; Kritou; Marottou Stone; Yiorkis

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Archaeology; History, Ancient

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