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The ANSI/ANS-6.4.3-1991 Standard (ANSI/ANS-6.4.3, 1991), Gamma-Ray Attenuation Coefficients and Buildup Factors for Engineering Materials, presents evaluated gamma-ray elemental attenuation coefficients and single material buildup factors for selected engineering materials for use in shielding calculations. Since its last publication, new particle transport codes and cross-sectional data have become available. Therefore, this study was conducted for the purpose of updating gamma-ray buildup factors for high-Z materials that are presented in ANSI/ANS-6.4.3-1991 by using ENDF/B-VI.8 photo-atomic cross-section library data in MCNPX. The results from MCNPX were relatively in good agreement with those of ANSI/ANS-6.4.3-1991, which were calculated using PALLAS-1D (VII). A sample problem was run in both MCNPX and PALLAS and the results were in good agreement. New buildup factor and mass attenuation coefficient data tables are included in this paper along with the sample calculation results used to compare MCNPX and PALLAS as well as the PHOTX and ENDF/B-VI.8 cross-section data libraries.


Ansi; High; Materials; Particle; Review; Theory; Transport; Update

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Nuclear engineering

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