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Prior to this dissertation, a valid and reliable cognitive measurement instrument was not available in the physical education teacher education (PETE) literature to analyze and evaluate teacher motivation and teacher efficacy. The first important purpose of this dissertation was, therefore, to develop and validate two such instruments to measure teacher motivation (TMT-PE) and teacher efficacy (TES). This purpose was accomplished through the implementation of various statistical methods related to the testing of reliability and validity issues when involved in constructing cognitive measurement instruments. As a second purpose of this dissertation, correlation data among teacher motivation and teacher efficacy, and teacher and student classroom behavior data were consequently undertaken to provide potentially important predictive behavioral information in relation to traditionally methodologically separate cognitive measurement systems. This latter challenge, while not completely met, provided some initial insight into how one might go about accomplishing such a task according to accepted scientific procedures, and provided some initial insight into some of the potential behavioral markers indicative of relative teacher motivation and teacher efficacy level; To be sure, while this dissertation provides support for a behavior measurement approach to motivation and efficacy levels, much remains to a thoroughgoing contextual, ecological, demographic and experiential mapping of the behavioral determinants of teacher cognitions in the motivation/efficacy domain. From the current findings, it is clear that this dissertation is promoting a hypothesis concerning potentially important and little known correlations among teacher motivation and teacher efficacy measures in physical education with respect to practicing teacher behavior. If successful in a rigorous descriptive mapping enterprise like that recommended, a variety of implications and recommendations for further study become apparent.


Behavior; Description; Education; Effects; Efficacy; Motivation; Pete; Physical; Physical Education Teacher Education; Practice; Sequential; Sequential Behavior Practice; Teachers; Teacher Efficacy

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Physical education and training; Teachers--Training of

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