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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Paul E. Meacham

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The study investigated student success in a dual enrollment program at an open enrollment community college. The objective of the analysis was to determine the success of dual enrolled students compared with regularly enrolled community college students. Indicators of student success, including GPA, retention, and remediation, were examined for dual enrolled students; Results of the study indicated that high school students concurrently enrolled at a community college were similar in many respects to the general college population. Overall, there was a significant difference in the GPA performance between Community College High School (CCHS) students and regularly enrolled college students, with the general college students out performing CCHS student. When GPA performance of the concurrently enrolled high school students was compared with the GPA performance of regularly enrolled first time, first term degree-seeking students, the CCHS students passed their college classes in a far greater proportion; A greater percentage of CCHS students were successfully retained in college courses compared with the general student population. A significantly greater proportion of regularly enrolled college students and recently graduated high school students were placed in remedial classes then were students enrolled in the Community College High School program. The majority of CCHS students who were placed in remedial classes are placed into remedial mathematics rather then in English. CCHS students were found to be overwhelmingly oriented toward enrolling in college transfer courses rather than vocational courses; Research should be conducted to explore the relationship between student characteristics and environmental factors that lead to student success by average and at-risk duel enrolled students. Further research should be conducted to explore institutional characteristics such as having high academic expectations, a clear sense of mission, and providing a caring and supportive environment.


College; Community; Community College; Dual; Dual-enrolled; Enrolled; Enrollment; Open; Open Enrollment; Students; Success

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School management and organization; Community colleges

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