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An Equal Educational Opportunity for Language Minority Students: A Legal Analysis of Language Education After Lau is a legal/historical study that examined the current legal standards applicable to the education of language minority students in the United States. This was achieved by analyzing the jurisprudence emerging from the interpretation and application of the Lau v. Nichols Supreme Court decision; Several questions were considered during the research of this dissertation. These included: How has the legal precedent established in Lau v. Nichols been interpreted and applied by subsequent law cases involving the education of language minority students? What role has the Office for Civil Rights played in securing compliance with the Lau precedent? What are the legal implications for school administrators in providing programs for language minority students?;The significance of this study was found in examining the jurisprudence following Lau concerned with a language minority student's right to an equal educational opportunity in America's schools. This study will benefit school level and program administrators responsible for organizing and implementing programs for language minority students by serving as a resource for providing legally sound programs for language minority students; This dissertation used an analytical, qualitative research design. As a legal/historical analysis, it included search, selection and criticism of the sources, presentation of facts and generalizations, and the use of inductive case law analysis. Law cases were examined for their usage of Lau as a precedent; Included in this study is a history of language minority education in the United States, the Federal government's involvement in the education of language minority students, the role of the Office for Civil Rights, and an analysis of the Supreme Court's landmark decision in Lau v. Nichols .


Analysis; Education; Educational; Equal; Equal Educational Opportunity; Language; Language Education; Lau; Lau v. Nichols; Legal; Language Education; Minority; Opportunity; Students

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School management and organization; Education, bilingual; Language arts; Law

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