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The present study explored changes in patients' psychological well-being and relationship adjustment at three- and six-months after either Lap-Band or Gastric Bypass Surgery. Sixty-eight women completed the battery, which consisted of standardized questionnaires of self-esteem, body-image, psychological symptomatology, and assertiveness, as well as marital and sexual functioning, prior to surgery and then at the two follow-ups. Also included was the assessment of patient expectations of relationship change and the pilot Weight-Related Relationship Adjustment Questionnaires (WRRAQ's). Pilot WRRAQ's were designed for the purpose of the study, based on retrospective patient narratives, and assessed parenting, work, family, and friend relationship domains. Psychometric properties of the WRRAQ's were examined and determined to be acceptable to good. Results indicate that obesity surgery had a positive effect on all aspects of psychological well-being, and on a number of relationships, with the exception of marital and sexual functioning. Patients' expectations of relationship improvement were positively correlated with friendship improvement, but negatively related to changes in marital adjustment. In summary, the findings of this study support a systems perspective of morbid obesity and highlight the importance of understanding patient expectations and utilizing disease-specific measures to assess patient progress and design interventions to facilitate positive outcome.


Being; Changes; Obesity; Obesity Surgery; Psychological; Relationship; Relationship Changes; Well-being; Women

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Behaviorism (Psychology); Women's studies; Medicine

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