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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Psychology

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Kendall Hartley

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Peggy Perkins

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The purpose of this quantitative study was to determine the degree of curriculum integration within dental schools in North America. The intent of the study was to determine how an adaptation of the Fogarty (1991) framework of integration exhibits itself in dental education; An electronic survey conducted of the Academic Deans of dental schools in the United States and Canada resulted in a response rate of 54.09% (33/61). Frequencies, chi-square and Spearman rho (p) correlation coefficient were used for the statistical analyses of data; All survey respondents reported that their curricula include all levels of integration which comprise the adapted integration framework. Six demographic variables were selected for analysis: (a) age of the school, (b) years of faculty teaching experience at that specific school, (c) faculty gender, (d) faculty employment status, (e) number of departments, and (f) average class size. Based on the data collected, statistically significant findings were indicated in only one level of integration. Within Level 4, within and across learners, significant findings were detected between genders; Additionally, the findings of this study indicated that there was very little, if any correlation, between the level of integration and the combined use of technology and research at responding schools.


Approach; Curriculum; Curriculum Integration; Dental Curriculum; Dental Education; Education; Gender Differences; Integrated; Model; Systematic

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Curriculum planning; Educational psychology; Dentistry

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