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Purpose. The Division of Elementary Education in the Clark County School District (Las Vegas, Nevada) utilizes a systems approach to managing elementary schools. Given the objectives of the system and the responsibility of the elementary principals to accomplish the expectations of the system, the purpose of this study was to seek an answer to the following question: What is the relationship between principals' effectiveness in implementing certain objectives and the importance they attach to those objectives?;Procedure. Two groups of respondents were surveyed: the elementary teachers in Clark County, who reported their perception of existing conditions relating to the specified objectives, and the elementary principals in Clark County, who reported the value (importance) they assigned to those objectives. The results received an inferential statistical analysis utilizing the Chi-square test of significance. Differences at the .05 level were considered significant; Findings. Of the five objectives analyzed by this study, four were found to have significantly different responses reporting effectiveness and value, i.e., principals' effectiveness in implementing these objectives was perceived as being higher than the value the principals placed on them. These four objectives dealt with: (1) using the management model, (2) managing personnel according to prescribed standards, (3) promoting staff effectiveness, and (4) establishing community confidence. No significant difference was found between effectiveness and value on one objective which dealt with school-plant management; Conclusions. (1) While cause and effect characteristics were not firmly established, the relationship between value and effectiveness was positive. (2) For practical application in this District, value and effectiveness were essentially the same overall for each of two objectives--personnel leadership and routine personnel management--but were different in regards to establishing community confidence and utilizing the management model; Implications. (1) Results could be used to guide decisions regarding increasing implementing of the system. (2) Personnel functions of schools using the system need only maintenance attention. (3) Statistical application of the results could be used to weight value and effectiveness considerations in assessing the utilization of the system.


Effectiveness; MBO; Principals; Programs; Relationship; Selected; Study; Values

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School management and organization

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