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Discrete personality dimensions and reading level were compared to the length of sentence for 99 adjudicated adult male felons who were among the first to enter Indian Springs Correctional Center near Las Vegas, Nevada. Personality dimensions were measured by the California Test of Personality, 1953 Revision, Adult. To measure reading, the Adult Ability Learning Examination was used. A paired stepwise multiple R was used to consider any relationship between reading and each personality dimension, in turn, with length of sentence as a measure of criminality. The results of the statistical analysis of reading and selected personality variables failed to show a significant association with length of sentence as a measure of severity of criminality, supporting the null hypothesis. As documented, a number of correlation coefficients was shown to be significantly different from zero, as shown by their statistical significance. Although the indicators of correlation were significant, the association between reading level and personality factors with length of sentence was low. For example, the highest association was only 13% for the variable reading and the variable Social Skills, with the variable length of sentence. As reading and each personality variable, in turn, were compared with length of sentence, a consistent positive correlation was revealed. As the length of sentence increased, reading and each personality score increased. It is apparent, contrary to popular belief, that within the confines of this study reading failure and personality adjustment were not significantly associated with length of sentence as a measure of severity of criminality.


Criminality; Failure; Personality; Possible; Reading; Relationship; Selected; Severity; Study; Variables

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Individualized reading instruction

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