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This study compared and contrasted administrative duties and responsibilities within six Western states when confronted with the problem of child abuse or neglect. Investigated were statutes, policies, and preventive and post-traumatic measures within the five largest school districts from each of the six states; To conduct the investigation, six states which represented the Western region of the United States were selected. The five districts were chosen based upon student enrollment. Individuals within each district were contacted ranging from a school nurse to the director of pupil personnel. A series of five questions were presented: (1) What were the current district procedures in the cases of child abuse or neglect? (2) What were the immediate and long-term responsibilities of the secondary administrator within your district when an abused or neglected child had been identified? (3) How did your district differ from the others in your state in the handling of abused or neglected children? (4) Was there a problem with "reluctancy to report" on behalf of teachers and administrators? (5) How did state law translate into district policy for administrators?;Upon completion of the questionnaire, each individual was asked to mail policies, procedural guidelines, and any preventive and post-traumatic instructions that were used when dealing with child abuse or neglect; One exemplary district was selected from each state to be presented in this study. That district was selected based upon its progressive or comprehensive approach to child abuse and neglect; The following recommendations were offered: (1) that existing services be kept alive, provide new ones, and keep informing the parents of the students of what was available to them and what their choices were; (2) that an integration and interconnection of professionals within the schools be utilized to work with the students, teachers, and administrators; and (3) that child care was to be reassessed; instead of being considered only as a preparation for school, it would be seen as an ongoing intellectual and social opportunity.


Abuse; Administrator; Child; Dealing; Detailing; Investigative; Neglected; Policies; Regulations; Secondary; Statutes; Study

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School management and organization

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