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Secondary, Post Secondary and Vocational Education

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The purposes of this study were (1) to determine the effect of computer-assisted cloze exercises on the acquisition of English as a second language of selected community college students, and (2) to determine if computer-assisted cloze exercises were more effective for Spanish as opposed to Chinese native language students. It was hypothesized that (1) students using the CAI exercises would receive higher posttest scores than students not using the exercises, and that (2) within the experimental group, Spanish native language students would receive higher scores on a posttest of grammar proficiency than Chinese native language students. The sample for the study was composed of thirty-eight community college students of various ethnic backgrounds. Measures of achievement were obtained through the administration of the ALFA test of grammar proficiency. The Mann-Whitney U test and the t test were used to determine the retention or rejection of the hypotheses. Statistical analyses indicated that (1) computer-assisted cloze exercises were not, overall, more effective than traditional instruction, and (2) Spanish and Chinese students did not differ significantly in posttest scores of English language proficiency. Recommendations are made for future research concerning teaching methods and materials, language proficiency measurement instruments, and computer-assisted exercises.


Acquisition; Assisted; Cloze; Computer; Effects; English; Language; Procedures; Second

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Adult education; Community colleges

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