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Intercollegiate athletics in the 1980's has undergone a series of crises which appear to have resulted in increased formalization, both within the National Collegiate Athletic Association and at most universities across the nation. The integrity crisis, whether real or perceived, has resulted in a call for accountability in athletics. Concurrently, there is a trend toward the development of policies and procedures manuals for athletic management; The theoretical basis of the study began with a focus on the ideology of business and industry in the early 1900's and the reasons for and results of formalization. The ideology of intercollegiate athletics in the 1980's was then discerned through a review of the current literature, and the impetus for formalization in athletics was examined. Formalization occurred in two separate enterprises, during two distinct periods of time; those were compared and contrasted, revealing similarities as well as differences; The developmental basis of the study focused on the use and content of policies and procedures manuals in intercollegiate athletics. 284 NCAA Division I member institutions were surveyed and 210 (75%) responded; of that 210, 91 (43%), indicated they currently utilized a manual and 53 (43%) of those utilizing manuals provided them for use in the study. Based upon the need identified in the literature review and content analysis of the manuals gathered in the research, a model for a policies and procedures manual was developed for use by athletic administrators.


Athletic; Athletic; Development; Formalization; Intercollegiate; Manual; Policies; Procedures; Proceduresmanual

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