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Purpose. The purpose of this study was to determine the localite/cosmopolite attitudes of the Presidential Cabinets and Councils at each Nevada University and Community College, and how those findings related to their attitudes in utilizing modern or neoteric marketing practices; Study procedure. The procedure for the conduct of the study involved a review of the literature and questionnaire surveys of all cabinet/council level administrators. Collected data was tabulated, analyzed, and reported. The following procedure was utilized for the conduct of the study: (A) Review of the literature. (B) Visitations to each University and Community College in Nevada; Review of the literature included: The Cosmopolite/Localite Construct, Historical Approach to Academic Cabinets and Councils in Higher Education, the Historical Perspective of Higher Educational Marketing, the Present Status of Nevada's Presidential Cabinets and Councils, their Present State of Marketing Practices, the Importance of Neoteric Marketing Endeavors in Nevada Institutions and the Importance of Cosmopolite Attitudes in the Leadership of Educational Organizations; The following conclusions were made from the study: This study substantiated a positive relationship between administrative attitudes and marketing directions, however it appears that marketing attitudes are affected by more variables than a cosmopolite or localite attitude; The study also indicated there was a statistically significant difference between marketing and administrative attitudes; In addition, the study reviewed a comparative analysis between positions and institutions regarding the two above mentioned variables.


Administrators; Attitudes; Cosmopolite; Education; Higher Localite; Marketing; Neoteric; Nevada; Relate; Those

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School management and organization

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