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Educational Administration and Higher Education

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Carl R. Steinhoff

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This study was designed to investigate the perceptions of the chairs of presidential search committees and their response to the use of paid consultants. The opinions of search committee chairs were obtained from individuals who had served as chairs of the search committees at four year institutions. Data was obtained through the use of a research questionnaire organized around four major subproblems; The questionnaire was distributed to all four year colleges and universities that had placed a notice of an available presidential position in the Chronicle of Higher Education during the calendar years of 1987 and 1988; The treatment of the data included determination of confidence intervals and analysis of variance to determine the level of significance; Selected findings. It was discovered that 63.63 percent of the respondents had used a paid consultant in their most recent search; It was also determined that public institutions of higher learning use paid consultants more often than private institutions. Also, smaller schools, (5,000 to 10,000 students) use a paid consultant more often. Those offering a Doctoral Degree as their highest degree, used a paid consultant more often than those that offered a Bachelor or Master Degree as their highest degree; A further finding was that search committees do not want the paid consultant to serve in the final stages or have a voting privilege. This was true whether they used a paid consultant or not; Selected conclusions. The conclusion derived was that those chairs who had used the services of a paid consultant found them to be helpful during their presidential search. It was further determined that those committees that had not used a paid consultant were not as receptive to their use even though they had no experience working with one. Those committees using a paid consultant felt that a paid consultant could enhance the search in the areas of ethics, efficiency, and confidentiality.


Chairs; College; Committee; Concerning; Consultants; Paid; Perceptions; Presidential; Search; Searches; Study; Use

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Education, Higher; School management and organization

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