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The study described the principalship involving perceptions of instruction, educational programs, and assistant principals' responsibilities, in the secondary schools of the Clark County School District; Compared for similarities and differences between junior and senior high C.C.S.D. principals, and a 1988 national survey of 716 high school administrators, the resultant data was used to suggest training and educational planning within the Clark County School District and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; The research utilized descriptive statistics to profile and compare Clark County School District secondary school principals to the 1988 National Association of Secondary School Principals survey, National Profile of High School Leaders and Their Schools. The questionnaire was completed by thirty-four of thirty-five secondary school principals in the Clark County School District, Nevada, in 1990; Findings described problems relating to the principals' job related tasks. These included managing administrative detail and student behavior while developing shared decision making and long range planning. Principals wanted to spend time on program development and the aspects of personnel interaction but even with fifty-five hour work weeks they were hindered by constraints of apathetic parents and students, central office site control and detail demands, student population and facility space constraints, and state guidelines. Roadblocks included the size of student population and satisfaction with time devoted to the job. Local principals believed in teaching basics to children, yet felt a need to provide for positive self-concept as a readiness requirement so basic skills and critical reasoning could be taught. They believed good teachers have interpersonal skills, as well as subject matter knowledge, and a goodly portion of principal time should be spent in communicating with teachers. They foresaw student motivation, student attendance, teen psychological and substance problems, within a larger context of a changed family structure, as strongly affecting education in the near future. They desired increased parent and community involvement in the schools; Consistency existed between the local principals in delegating responsibilities to assistant principals.


Articulation; Clark County; Dist; District; Intra; Intradistrict; Nevada; Principalship; Profile; Recommendations; Schools; Secondary; University; Intradistrict

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School management and organization; Education, Secondary

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