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Educational Administration and Higher Education

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Many argue that the American educational system is under siege. Students bring with them to school an array of social problems never before seen in this country. Illegal drugs, raging violence, brutal crime, abject poverty, and hopeless desolation pervade our children's lives. Loaded firearms, deadly weapons, and lethal substances are confiscated daily in urban, suburban, and rural schools. Administrators are shot, teachers are mugged, students are stabbed. Schools are in crisis; the war rages. How do school administrators cope?;This investigation concerns the interrelationships, definitions, and applications of several phenomena: war, education, administration, leadership, and power. Through the experiences of the researcher as a fighter-bomber pilot with the 22nd Bomb Squadron,{dollar}\sp1{dollar} the Flying Tigers, during World War II and as an educator for nearly fifty years, comparisons between these two principle environments will be made in light of the phenomena under study; The present study, then, is an historical case study of the development of the Flying Tigers in relation to educational administration and leadership in the current schoolz environment. Historical research was used for detail concerning the development of the squadron and its experiences during World War II. Literature on situational leadership in and outside education was examined in relationship to the experiences of the researcher as a fighter-bomber pilot during the war and as an educator for fifty years. ftn{dollar}\sp1{dollar}In text, the 22nd Bomb Squadron and The Flying Tigers will be used somewhat interchangeably.


Analysis; Bomb; Flying; Leadership; Management; Practices; Squadron; Tigers

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School management and organization; Education; History; Management

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