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The United States faces increasing competition in the global marketplace. One viable way to strengthen America's competitive position in the global economy is to develop its human capital through a genuine commitment to and aggressive investment in its higher education system, which culminates in baccalaureate-level education. There are several benefits of a baccalaureate-level education, for both individuals and for the country. For individuals, there are self-development and economic benefits. For the country, there are economic development benefits and a more enlightened citizenry; The transferability of the community college credits to four-year institutions extends the following benefits to the economically disadvantaged students: the opportunity to fulfill portions of four-year college educational requirements at a two-year institution, an opportunity to earn a baccalaureate degree at four-year institutions, and an opportunity for social and economic mobility; Understandably then, the community college credit transfer function and the subsequent bachelor's degree completion play indispensable roles in the well being of the nation. However, the importance of this community college role is yet to be understood at the national level. Therefore, an invigorated insight into both the transfer function and the subsequent baccalaureate degree completion is imperative for students, the general public, educators, educational analysts, and educational policy-makers; This study analyzed data on community college transfer students to investigate their post-transfer success (baccalaureate degree completion) in four-year colleges. The analysis was based on demographic and ability attributes taken from a national sample of high school sophomores ten years after high school. The independent variables were the community college grade point average (GPA), socioeconomic status (SES), gender (sex), and race (ethnicity). The variable completion (baccalaureate degree completion) was the dependent variable; The study replicated studies done on the community college students transfer rates, investigated the baccalaureate degree completion rates of the community college transfer students, as well as, examined the differences between community college transfer students who completed baccalaureate degrees in four-year colleges and those who did not complete their baccalaureate degree work.


Analysis; Baccalaureate; College; Com; Community; Completion; Degree; Investigation; Rates; Students; Transfer

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School management and organization; Education, Higher; Community colleges

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