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Educational Leadership

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The purpose of this study was to investigate gifted and talented education programs in the 17 public school districts in the state of Nevada. A survey was conducted in two parts. The first section described the participants, delivery models, and staffing of programs for gifted and talented students. The second part, based on resource input methodology (RIM), gathered information on personnel and supply costs; All 17 districts responded. Eleven districts have programs for gifted and talented students; six do not. Only one district, Pershing County, reported no program, but it identified three students as gifted and talented and served them in an inclusion program in the regular classroom. Data from the districts were tabulated and analyzed in the order of the research questions and in relation to the literature review. Program expenditures were calculated. Conclusions were formed and the recommendation for a mandated program for gifted and talented students in Nevada was made. A directory of contact persons for Nevada gifted and talented education programs was compiled.


District; Educational; Gifted; Gifted Education; Nevada; Programs; Public; School; Study; Talented; Gifted Education

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Special education

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