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The control of collegiate athletics has been a matter of concern since the earliest days of college sports competition. In 1952, the National Collegiate Athletic Association instituted policies that included the ability to impose sanctions on colleges that violated recruiting guidelines, eligibility requirements, and other rules. Its lack of investigative and policing resources, however, left the NCAA with limited ability to enforce these policies. As a result, the organization placed the responsibility for control of institutional athletics on the school itself and its chief executive officer based on the reasoning that many problems involving violations of regulations would be solved without intervention by the NCAA if a school's administration is in control of athletics; Scandals surrounding intercollegiate athletics and the issuance of a number of citations by the NCAA against Division I institutions for lack of institutional control are raising serious questions about the present status and effectiveness of self-governance and control of collegiate athletics. The purpose of this study was to determine the status of institutional control of athletics programs at NCAA Division I colleges and universities by identifying the levels and ways in which control was exercised and to determine where problems with control lay. This was done by surveying the athletics directors and chief executive officers of the 275 NCAA Division I colleges and universities; The results of the survey and the implications of them are presented in this document; also presented are recommendations for changes in policy, procedures, and attitudes in order to improve the degree of institutional control of athletics at NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletic institutions and suggestions for further study of the topic.


Athletic; Collegiate; Collegiate Athletics; Division Institutional; Institutional Control; Management; NCAA; NCAA Division I; Sport Management

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Physical education and training; Education, Higher

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