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Educational Leadership

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Lloyd Bishop

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The purpose of this study was to explore whether participation in extracurricular activities kept marginally academic students in school. This study differed from most dropout studies and extracurricular activities studies in that it focused on the idea that there may be a connection between these two issues and highlighted participation in activities as being critical to students remaining in school. Sub problems such as the number of activities participated in, the average number of hours per week devoted to participation, the type of membership status (leader or member), and the social character of the activity (team effort or an individual effort) were studied. Other factors such as absenteeism, grade point average, credit deficiency, and student achievement were also studied; The information gained from studying the activity participation of marginal students pointed to team focused activities and participating in activities over seven hours per week having a relationship to school persistence. Family and academic factors such as one parent homes, credit deficiency, low grade point average, and high rates of absenteeism seemed to be indicative of dropping out of school.


Academic; Activities; Extracurricular; Extracurricular Activities; Marginally; Marginally Academic; Participation; Persistence; Relation; Schools; Students; Study

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School management and organization; Educational counseling

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