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Educational Leadership

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Success as a school administrator strongly depends upon the complex interplay of teacher cognitive style, teacher satisfaction on the job, and the effectiveness of the principal's administrative management style. Nonetheless, the supervision of teachers within their cognitive style has had little research or attention given to it. According to the literature, administrative management style greatly influences teachers perceptions of satisfaction on the job. A wide variety of variables, directly impacted by administrative management style, influence a teachers degree of job satisfaction; This study surveyed teacher's cognitive style, as determined by Witkin's Field Dependence, Field Independence model utilizing the Group Embedded Figures Test. Teachers were surveyed as to their feelings of job satisfaction in the areas of: supervision, colleagues, working conditions, pay, responsibility, work itself, advancement, security and recognition. Principals were surveyed as to their administrative management style using Dunn and Dunn's School Administrator's Management Style Inventory; This study sought additional information as to the relationship between rural and urban teachers job satisfaction. Teachers from the state of Nevada were surveyed, controlling for rural and urban environments; Paula Lester's Teacher Job Satisfaction Questionnaire was utilized and reliability coefficients for the state of Nevada were compared with the original samples done by the author; This study sought to ascertain information that would be useful to administrators to utilize an individual teacher's cognitive style to effectively supervise and motivate teachers in the workplace through both formative and summative supervision.


Administrators; Cognitive Style; Job Satisfaction; Management; Management Style; Relationship; Satisfaction; Style; Teachers

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School management and organization; Psychology, Industrial; Education, Elementary

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