Control of multiple tele-operated Robotic Bridge Transporters for remote handling of hazardous material

T. R Venkatesh, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The objective of this research is to develop control of a multiple telerobot system based on Direct Numerical Processing Technology and propose a practically implementable collision avoidance algorithm for two gantry type robots sharing a common workspace; The tele-operatic set-up consists of two Robotic Bridge Transporters which are X-Y-Z positioning overhead bridge type cranes. These cranes consisting of three sub-assemblies for the X, Y and Z motions respectively are actuated by brushless servo drive motors. The DC motors are controlled by Modicon FA3240 automation controllers from a supervisory control station equipped with computer graphics based human-machine interface. Teleoperation is achieved through a programmable logic controller which acts as a command arbiter and data interface between the automation controllers and the supervisory control station computer; The collision avoidance algorithm proposes a collision free approach for a given path, by means of a minimum delay time technique for the two robots. Two examples, one each for a single segment and a two segment path for the two robots were tried out and found to work satisfactorily. The same can be extended to several segments as may be needed. The implementation methodology has been discussed.