Quality in the travel experience of German charter visitors: The case of Las Vegas

Margaret Erstad, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The purpose of this study was to research the characteristics and behavior of a group of overseas visitors to Las Vegas, measure the travel experience perceptions regarding quality of the group, identify areas where importance perceptions were greater than quality perceptions, and relate quality in the travel experience to intended future behavior; The group studied consisted of visitors from Germany traveling by charter airline directly to Las Vegas. Germany was the country of origin of the largest number of overseas visitors to Las Vegas in 1993; Five hypotheses were tested covering three areas: gambling behavior, quality related to intended future behavior, and differences between first-time and repeat visitors; The study provides information for tourism organizations and hospitality businesses in contact with overseas visitor for marketing purposes and for the preparation of brochures informing visitors about Las Vegas. The study also identifies areas which offer the greatest opportunity for quality advancements.