Maka'ainana (people of the land), the issue of Hawaiian sovereignty: The life cycle of Ka Lahui

Sonia Feldberg, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The Hawaiian people have been fighting to regain their sovereignty since the overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation in 1893. Throughout history many movements formed in response to this injustice. In 1987 Ka Lahui was formed as an initiative for self government to return Hawaii to the Kanaka MaoLi This study examines Ka Lahui by analyzing its rhetoric and placing it in the proper life cycle of a social movement. Also the strength of Ka Lahui's leader, Mililani Trask, will be analyzed. Social movements are pressured by many outside institutions. Ka Lahui's efforts are constantly being monitored by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, which is an entity of the government. This opposition from outside forces will be addressed to complete this study of social movements.