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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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The problem of data communications between process units within a telecommunication network based on OSI's standard seven layer Reference Model is addressed. In this thesis, we expose the generic aspect of protocol implementation as an object-oriented conceptual model emphasizing on the dynamic aspects of the objects involved while we explore both aspects, namely, static and dynamic aspects. A data communication model is proposed; Through the development of the conceptual model, we can capture the crucial aspects of network system and omit others. In developing the conceptual model for data communication, we apply object-oriented modeling principles to explore the potential elements for producing the modules by discovering the generic underlying class structures and behavior. Through the application of object-oriented method to develop conceptual model, we can take advantage of its encapsulation feature. We can also identify the characters of data communications in network system by looking at the message passing between objects. In addition, a network design library could be built up by identifying object elements with re-usable values.


Approach; Build; Communication; Data; Model; Modeling; Object; Oriented

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Computer science

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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