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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Shashi K. Sathisan

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Route optimization models deal with multi-criteria or multi-objective optimization problems. The basic objectives of routing problems include transport cost and risk affects. An improved model presented in this thesis addresses a new optimization model, "Range Optimization Model". Although the core of the route optimization tools adopted is still the conventional "Shortest Path Algorithm", the definition of route optimization functions and the means to employ "Shortest Path Algorithm" are different from conventional procedures; Geographic Information Systems (GIS), have been widely used as a spatial database management system and a geographical analysis tool in a variety of fields related to study of environment, transportation engineering, planning and geographical analysis. This thesis develops a prototype GIS-based routing system which includes static routing functions, dynamic routing functions, and emergency response analysis functions. The system implements the route optimization function based on Network Analysis tools and Dynamic Segmentation capabilities of ARC/INFO. By employing multiple input-source menu systems, user-friendly interfaces are designed for users to easily define problems, select the features, perform route selections, edit routes, and query route information in both graphic form and tabular form. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Based; Development; GIS; Model; Routing

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Civil engineering; Transportation; Operations research

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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