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The amphibian antidiuretic hormone arginine vasotocin (AVT) stimulated osmotic water flow (JH{dollar}\sb2{dollar}O) across isolated skin from the pelvic but not the pectoral region of the toad, Bufo woodhousei. The apical membrane capacitance (C{dollar}\sb{\rm a}{dollar}) of the cells in the stratum granulosum of neither skin region was changed by AVT treatment when an osmotic gradient was present across the tissue; Short circuit current (I{dollar}\sb{\rm sc}{dollar}) and the amiloride sensitive current (I{dollar}\sb{\rm Na\sp+}{dollar}) both increased significantly in the pelvic and in the pectoral skin after AVT treatment, but to a larger degree in the pelvic skin. If M is expressed as a function of C{dollar}\sb{\rm a}{dollar}, the density of Na{dollar}\sp+{dollar} channels (assuming 1{dollar}\mu{dollar}F/cm{dollar}\sp2{dollar}) was 90 channels/{dollar}\mu{dollar}m{dollar}\sp2{dollar} of actual cell membrane area before AVT treatment and 273 channels/{dollar}\mu{dollar}m{dollar}\sp2{dollar} after AVT treatment. In the pectoral skin M did not increase significantly, however, I{dollar}\sb{\rm Na\sp+}{dollar} was linearly related to M. The current through single Na{dollar}\sp+{dollar} channels (i) did not change in either skin region after AVT treatment. (Abstract shortened with permission of author.).


Bufo woodhousei; Capacitance; Channel; Comparison; Densities; Flux; Ion; Membrane Pectoral; Pelvic Skin; Sodium; Toad; Water; Woodhouse; AVT

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Zoology; Biochemistry

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