Design of a heat transfer subsystem using a real time expert system

Rajitha Thalluri, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The aim of this work is to design and develop an interactive and real time expert system for the automation of the design of a heat transfer subsystems; Each set (representing the design configuration) is evaluated in terms of performance criteria (e.g., pressure drop across each component, capital costs, and operating costs of the system) to obtain a plausible design of the power plant. The design and operational parameters for various components of the power plant are optimized for a given level of power output, using a numerical algorithm; An expert tool, G2 developed by the Gensym Corporation is used in creating the application knowledge base. The application development mainly concentrates on the piping network, the heat exchanger system, and the pumping system. The optimal information obtained from the numerical algorithm for different power outputs is in turn provided to the knowledge base. Thus, when the demand for the power output changes, the application will automatically access this information and make the necessary changes to the power plant components for optimized operation. The model application is designed such that, if the monitored values deviate from the allowed range, appropriate warning messages are generated, and if possible, actions are taken to avoid damaging consequences. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).