The relationship between attitude toward economic issues and delivery of human caring in perioperative nursing

Candice V King, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


While human caring remains an important aspect of nursing, the financial pressures facing the healthcare economy calls for nurses to work more cost-effectively. Using Watson's model of Human Care as the conceptual framework, this study looked at the relationship between attitudes toward economic issues and human caring in perioperative nursing; The NCAS and BHNAS self-reporting scales consisted of a total of 80 items that measured nurses' attitudes regarding cost-effective practice and caring. The sample size was composed of both perioperative nurse managers and staff nurses (n = 34). Data was analyzed utilizing frequency distribution, the Pearson Product Moment Correlation technique, and t-tests; Currently, there is a paucity of information available on nurses' attitudes toward economic issues and how it relates to their perception of ability to practice caring behaviors. Empirical knowledge resulting from this study suggested that there was no significant correlation between cost-effective practice and perioperative nurses' perception of caring attributes.