Wooing the Hispanic: A study of marketing communication strategies targeting the United States Hispanic market

Olga I Delgado, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Case studies of three national corporations examine their successful U.S. Hispanic marketing communication strategies. They are Ford Motor Company, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Incorporated, and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Similarities of strategies are an emphasis on community relations, reliance on Spanish-language messages, and a geographic concentration in the largest Hispanic markets. Differences are media mix and advertising style. Ford and Anheuser-Busch strive to meet regional needs and focus on electronic media. Metropolitan Life uses a general approach and emphasizes print media. Important trends for U.S. Hispanic marketing are the growing homogenization of Hispanic groups which permitted the introduction of pan-Hispanic strategies and increased use of bilingual and/or English advertising. Spanish-language media growth also contributed to U.S. Hispanic marketing development by providing more options for marketers. Studies of acculturation and ethnicity are suggested as resources for marketing strategies.