The mobility of radiocesium and plutonium in Roach Lake in southern Nevada

Mohammadtagi Nassehzadeh-Tabriz, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The concentrations of several natural and artificial radionuclides were determined in the sediment from a dry lake in southern Nevada. Five sites (designated I through V) were selected in a dry lake called Roach Lake located in Ivanpah Valley about 41 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada. The samples were analyzed for Cs-137 and other gamma emitting radionuclides using high purity germanium detectors. the plutonium analysis was performed, after chemical separation, by the detection of its alpha particle emissions with surface barrier detectors. Strontium-90 was determined at only one site, after extraction from the samples, by measuring its daughter yttrium-90 with a gas proportional counting instrument.