A theoretical study of surface kinetic processes in the Mbe growth of compound semiconductors

Shridhar Gangadhar Bendi, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The surface kinetics processes in the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) growth of GaAs (100) and the MBE doping kinetics are studied theoretically, using a stochastic model which is based on the master equation approach and random distribution approximation. The kinetic processes included in the model are: adsorption, surface migration and evaporation. In the study of surface roughening kinetics in GaAs (100), a transition temperature at which time averaged RHEED intensity is maximum was observed. The RHEED intensity increases with temperature till the transition temperature and decreases beyond the transition temperature. The doping studies were performed for various growth conditions. The sticking coefficient decreases with T due to surface segregation aided evaporation of In at higher temperature. The surface segregation of In occurs due to a strong repulsive interaction between In and the host lattice. The time and growth rate dependences of the phenomenon are also studied.